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I am pleased to announce that Hub Emergency Photos has made another donation from the profits made from selling my photos on this web site. All profits made from this web site will go to Fire, Police and EMS related charities and relief associations.

Last year we made a donation to the Boston Fire Dept.'s 2011 Fight for Air Climb with the American Lung Assoc.

In January of 2012 we mad a small donation to Lt. Mike Quinn Jr's MDA's Waltham Fire 2012 Ski Muster - for more info go to

Keep on buying the photos so we can donate some more money to these charities !!!

Thanks for all of your support !!!

Mike Flynn

No image on this website is to be used or reproduced in any form, without the express written or verbal consent of the photographer Michael A. Flynn, all rights reserved. No image on this site is to be used for disciplinary actions. All photos are available for purchase. I can be reached at by email at

Mike Flynn, is a licensed funeral director and embalmer in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston and also in New Hampshire. He grew up in Waltham, MA and Bedford, NH. He currently resides in the Pinardville Section of Goffstown / Manchester, NH. Mike attended New England Institute @ Mount Ida College in Newton, MA where he also worked for the Mount Ida College Police Dept. Part-Time. He is also a former EMT with the National Registry, Comm of Mass. and the State of NH.

In 2003 Mike became a member of the Region 1 DMORT Team (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team) which is a Federal Team under the National Disaster Medical System, Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which will assist at a mass fatality incident. Mike was involved with the recovery and identification of the victims from the World Trade Center, Flight 587 In Queens, NY, The RI Nightclub Fire, The Tsunami in Phuket, Thailand and Hurricane Katrina in both Gulfport, MS and New Orleans.

Mike is currently on the Massachusetts Mass Fatality Task Force (MFDA)

Mike has been involved with Emergency Services Photography of different EMS, FIRE, & POLICE Incidents since 1989.

Mike's photography work has been published in many Local and Major Newspapers, Boston TV Stations, some different Fire Photography web sites and The Boston Firefighters Digest- (Boston Firefighters Digest is the official newsletter of Boston Firefighters Local 718)

In 2011 Mike was appointed as the Executive Director of the International Fire Photographers Association

On January 9, 2012 Mike was elected into the membership of the Boston Sparks Association - for more info go to

Brookline Tab -

Member of National Press Photographers Association

Reporter & Photographer for Breaking News Network (BNN)

Member Photographic Society of America

Member of International Fire Photographers Association - Since 2009

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